Planning and Presentation

Whether you need your ceilings and walls in Liverpool or the surrounding areas polished up, we’ll schedule a meeting with you!

During this time, we’ll ask you questions regarding the wants and needs for your home; would you like something modern, traditional or eclectic? We’ll even ask you about smaller details, such as whether you would like to implement symmetry or curves into the design. Most of these questions however, are more to provoke some thought and inspiration from you, the client. Hearing your ideas is the most important part!

We will then present you with a 3D-rendered mock-up of how your home will look, after we are finished. The software we use for this is top-quality and continuously adapting to industry changes. But it’s a secret which one it is that we use!

Our advice before we get started is always the same; don’t do this just because you’ve seen a friend’s or someone else’s! This is your home and should be unique only to you!


After the consultation and our ideas have been created, shared and designed, we will embark on a sequence of works on your home. Our partners, including electricians, plumbers and various other trades depending on the job, are brought in to assist in the development of your home, at our instruction.

The most important person in all of this process, is you, the client! As such, you will be kept constantly up-to-date with everything as the job progresses.

We use a wide-range of materials while undertaking your job, all of which will vary depending on the required type, size, design and complexity; all of this is taken into consideration while we work!

The Final Product

The final part is for you to come in and admire your amazing new ceiling! We ensure that everything is properly safety checked and functioning, prior to the presentation.

But the most important part, is that the job is not finished, unless our clients and customers are completely happy with the job that we’ve done!

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Sound good to you? Contact us now and we can get started on perfecting your ceilings and walls in Liverpool!